Real, not folklore

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Ancient souls, we are
Old as the primordial star
With elements of the new
Such a contrasting view

At the junction of new and old
The mind takes a tight hold
Of freedom, through constraints
Against it, are many complaints

The keys to existence
Remain at a distance
The gap gets bigger
As time gets thinner

On this side of the divide
The basics are denied
Abundance, happiness, peace
The mind’s tough to police

There is constant activity
Restless, we are in captivity
With an impetus to break free
Longing to be carefree

The mind may not yield
All doors from it are sealed
Desires make us heavy
Their growth is steady

To reclaim our heritage
Without escaping to a hermitage
The ancient brain holds the key
It offers a living guarantee

Breathing keeps us alive
As we continually try
To rise above temptation
The soul provides, determination

It is after all so ancient
The prototypical cosmic vagrant
That is hidden in every being
No one asks about its wellbeing

Instead, we make it a goal
To reach it, and control
The well of happiness and bliss
Without which, we’re in an abyss

The ancient soul’s seen it all
Events, it does not care to forestall
Otherwise, we may never learn
Everyone will have to work and earn

The passage to the ancient soul
Is under nobody’s sole control
It is there for all who can pay
No through any external display

The road has disappeared
The mind will have to be cleared
By spending time that is given
In communion, not competition

Ancient or modern, it’s practice
Done in innocence, not tactics
Will open the soul’s hidden door
The experience is real, not folklore

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