It is worth pondering

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Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger from Pexels

In the midst of cosmic silence
Life was granted a license
To spawn and populate
Many forces did cooperate

We are here as proof
Exposed, under an open roof
The stars have left us alone
Except for the sun, our backbone

We are running in circles
To and from fate’s reversals
Who have we thanked lately
For making it this far safely

What begins here, ends here
Interminable space makes it clear
Whether we make it hell or paradise
There will always be a sunrise

Millions of stars are trying to teach
That they are not out of reach
Simply open the eyes to see
Within or without is a silent sea

There isn’t a beginning or end
When time chooses us as a friend
Gratitude for the grandeur takes us far
Reaching all corners from where we are

On that expanse, we are on the verge
When dispersing forces converge
We may get unexpected guidance
As we ponder the cosmic silence

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