A poetic exploration

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Photo by Keila Hötzel on Unsplash

The mind’s fresh soot
Covers the creative root
Leading to poverty
Of a precious commodity

When the lakes are dry
And flow’s in short supply
Eyes migrate outward
The seen is devoured

Life saves one drop
Getting to it needs a swap
Intelligence will dictate
The unneeded must deflate

A drop of creativity
And a mind in captivity
Brings about the new
Such joy! Who knew?

The drop from the whole
Wields much control
Over the mind’s ways
Through shunning praise

We create the path ahead
Fate takes charge instead
It’s about survival, an activity
That eclipses creativity

We outsource the future
When we don’t nurture
Rudimentary fragments
Into homegrown talents

The mind is capable
When energy’s available
It is lost in pursuits
That bear no lasting fruits

Create the moment
That becomes so potent
In sync with the living
Then nothing goes missing

The mind’s right hand
Has turned bland
Ruled by the logical side
It’s adding to the divide

The heart’s become cold
It’s potential is on hold
It’s the seat of sensitivity
And the engine of creativity

Let the heart rise
Into the mind’s skies
It has a specialty
Fostering originality

Love can’t be copied
It can only be embodied
It is an original creation
Unchanged, in any situation

Similar to raw creativity
Everyone has the proclivity
Clearing the mind’s soot
On creativity, we’re hooked

Physician I Poet I Transformational Philosophy - Free awareness and its power to transform. www.intoawareness.org. Learn more- amazon.com/author/seshadri

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