Importance of building a positive outlook on life.

Mind: The flower that grows within

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The state of mind influences our outlook on life.

A negative outlook on life turns the mind into a massive and dense ball of stagnant energy that becomes an obstacle. It ultimately leads to an experience we call suffering, while a positive outlook makes the same mind feel light and airy and creates the right conditions for the growth of happiness.

The mind is continually providing us an opportunity to harvest its potential. A positive outlook helps us realize the mind’s potential.

We cannot be innovative and come up with new ideas when we are sad. The chances are better when we are happy. Just as we drag others down when we exhibit negativity, we also trap the mind’s freedom and creativity. When we slip into negativity, we forget about the power that comes to us via the confluence of this moment, the bodily vehicle, and the energy of the mind. Just as a strong cup of coffee removes sleepiness, a positive outlook enables us to tap into the latent power of the mind and greases the wheel of the mind’s creative potential.

We cannot be innovative and come up with new ideas when we are sad.

The basics of developing a positive outlook on life involve taking stock of the assets in our immediate possession. The two significant assets we tend to overlook are the body and the mind. A plant does not import flowers from another plant. It grows its own. Likewise, we don’t need to import happiness into the mind, once we realize the value of these gifts. We can grow our tree of joy within, enjoy its fruits, and share it with others.

Negative thoughts exist in the mind to serve as a counterbalancing force. It is the nature of the mind to have a balance of negative and positive thoughts.

Just as it is the same two eyes that look at the sky during day and night, it is the same awareness that perceives negative and positive thoughts. We don’t identify ourselves with day or night. We use the light of day to work and enjoy the darkness of night to get a restful sleep. We can appreciate light only when we know darkness. Similarly, negative thoughts provide contrast and may serve to highlight positive ones.

Awareness and positive thoughts is a potent combination.

Nature does not guarantee that every seed will sprout and grow into plants and trees that flower. Likewise, awareness by itself will not result in the sprouting of thoughts into something beneficial to the world.

We give to the world what we reap from our minds.

Plants exhibit their flowers freely, spreading fragrance and beauty. They also entice bees and other creatures to come and enjoy the nectar and spread the plant’s potential far and wide.

Thoughts are a subtle form of wealth, and we get more of this wealth as we share our knowledge and ideas.

A positive outlook helps till the soil of the mind. It turns over stagnant mental energies, nourishing the bed of the mind. As good thoughts sprout and grow in that conducive environment, we benefit from a harvest of happiness, and the world benefits when the mind’s creative potential reaches fruition.

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