To our way of life

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Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

There will be interruptions
From unexpected eruptions
In the world, it happens
Fate has its own fashions

Can we be left alone?
This time, please postpone
Unexpected surprises
We hope, your plan revises

That may not happen
As long as we have passion
For life in selective parts
Only the whole imparts

Wisdom to overcome
The mayhem that’s overrun
Our lives, this day and age
We’re asked to remain caged

From whom and from what?
There’s no safe place to strut
Overwhelming hearts and minds
As time slows and grinds

There will be bright spots
More than just invisible dots
Nature is getting her rest
While we’re busy with our test

New growth will be stronger
As the days get longer
This interruption will pass
It’s not a permanent impasse

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