A poem

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Photo by brenoanp from Pexels

Deep space has us in isolation
Holding together a wisp of creation
We are left to our devices
As we put together the pieces

There is a gaping hole
In our understanding of the whole
The night sky holds a clue
Open to all, there’s no taboo

When we explore its mysteries
It puts in perspective our worries
On such a grand scale
We are so tiny and frail

Our isolated world, it has detail
It is wondrous on a microscopic scale
We are in between, a watershed
On either side, creation’s spread

Our civilization is in isolation
With no defined destination
With black space all around
Doors to the inner we must pound

Inside, we find togetherness
The joy that comes is measureless
As we rise from the depths of isolation
Through effort and concentration

This world provides for all our needs
We’re so isolated that nature’s heart bleeds
As we climb the ladder of transformation
We mustn’t forget those still living in isolation

Physician I Poet I Transformational Philosophy - Free awareness and its power to transform. www.intoawareness.org. Learn more- amazon.com/author/seshadri

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