Our world. A poem

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Photo by Evie Shaffer from Pexels

Inside this magic circle
One thing is certain
There’s beauty everywhere
Even in the sky, open and bare

Empty by day, full at night
Each moment, a wondrous sight
It is the magic of creation
Brightening our isolation

Horizon’s protection encircles
Our lives, of ease or hurdles
We are mostly responsible
With a mind that’s unstoppable

Everything goes in a circle
But life doesn’t lose its sparkle
In each moment we can reflect
Through awareness, we connect

We are running in circles
Through achievements and troubles
Forgetting what the horizon teaches
We can’t go beyond its reaches

We must make the most of it
This magic circle, we can’t quit
There’s beauty, we can discover
Its variety, as infinite as color

This magic circle isn’t large enough
For all that the mind seeks to stuff
By not polluting the mind, and its beauty
Strive to be as the sky, clear in its duty

Physician I Poet I Transformational Philosophy - Free awareness and its power to transform. www.intoawareness.org. Learn more- amazon.com/author/seshadri

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