Beyond survival, to come alive

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For the mind, it’s a necessity
Our involvement, not productivity
It is a lifelong partnership
On time’s vast scale, a blip

In life, there are many necessities
So full of unexpected complexities
Every moment, choices are numerous
Not choosing, a task that’s onerous

Happiness is a major necessity
There is no defined recipe
When thoughts remain uncooked
To the mind, we’re no longer hooked

When we lack what’s necessary
The mind can be full of worry
Pausing life, in its tracks
We tense up, and can’t relax

It is hard to curb necessities
There are innumerable identities
Each with its own set of needs
Expecting a share of the proceeds

Of happiness, it must be shared
Mind’s various factions come prepared
Carrying a list of achievements
Forgotten, the original agreements

Limit necessities, eliminate expectations
It takes tremendous patience
In the mind, it is not easily found
Forcing us to break new ground

Necessities in life, have their say
They cause a considerable delay
In fully realizing our potential
At stake, knowledge of the existential

The body can’t do without necessities
But the mind needs no such amenities
It is formless, and evanescent
If only it could hold onto the present

It would be a major hurdle crossed
When we know the long-term cost
Catering to the mind’s necessities
Few realize they’re unwanted accessories

When we drop our necessities
Life will offer us other amenities
They are indispensable for the journey
It cannot be completed in a hurry

When there is no load to haul
We’re flexible, standing tall or in a crawl
Forgetting necessities, we remember
What we gave up from our treasure

It will all return, on the very day
We drop necessities, as a means to pay
For distractions, we’ve made time endure
It waits as we’re weaned from the allure

Of the mind, and its necessities
We encourage, through our niceties
There is no need, it will survive
As we work towards coming alive

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