A poem

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Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Everyone gets a rose
To smell and hold up close
It may come with a thorn
So sharp, we may spurn

The softness of life, easy to forget
When we live with regret
It acts as an effective brake
We speed up and forsake

The beauty of our rose
With time, it only grows
Each one, a delicate art
Symbol of a universal heart

Our rose builds bridges
Of love, bringing many riches
The kind we can take within
Far from the worldly din

The world inside is delicate
Full of life, it is never desolate
But the mind puts up a wall
Telling us what may befall

When we pause, to smell our rose
This activity may expose
The futility of running in this race
Every day quickens the pace

When we discover our rose
The unknown comes close
Telling us to wait patiently
Meanwhile, live gracefully

Physician I Poet I Transformational Philosophy - Free awareness and its power to transform. www.intoawareness.org. Learn more- amazon.com/author/seshadri

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