It runs through inner reflection

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Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

The road to perfection
Runs through inner reflection
Our fragility offers little time
We’re flying through our prime

With a sense of permanence
We give ourselves prominence
Satisfied when there’s the adulation
Which sets up a false foundation

How do we know when it is real?
Perfection has no outer ideal
It is without beginning or an end
On this road, we can’t bring a friend

It takes courage to work alone
What we are in search of is unknown
It isn’t in the mind, it only reflects
It is beyond desires, which it projects

There isn’t coursework for perfection
To the mind, it has no connection
We cannot bring along knowledge
It only creates further bondage

Where then may we turn?
It is a directionless return
Back to the eyes of the witness
Inside, it opens only in stillness

When there’s a deep connection
We’re on the road to perfection
On it, we begin to understand
What unfolds cannot be planned

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