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Photo by Edgar Hernandez from Pexels

There is a silver lining
In darkness, brightly shining
Filling holes of despair
That crisis brings to bear

It underlies everything
Revealed during a rethink
As passive course corrector
It comes as a protector

A silver lining can be sought
In every troubling thought
Perspective is the currency
That buys us the clarity

When we’re focused on our fate
We allow fear to hold a fete
It brings with it dark clouds
The mind’s panic alarm sounds

Nothing is as bad as it seems
Even if driven to extremes
When we find our silver lining
We emerge stronger and smiling

Time, we would spend otherwise
Seeks new avenues and ties
Not in the trough, but at the crest
Where we can renew our zest

Living is the silver lining
In all experiences, it’s thriving
We see when the mind’s cloudless
All worries are ultimately needless

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