It runs through the mind

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Photo by Frans Van Heerden from Pexels

The path to happiness is narrow
It runs right through the mind’s marrow
Rich in desires for sensory pleasure
And a promise of a life of leisure

The journey can’t be avoided
A desire for happiness has intruded
The further into the world we go
That desire will quickly grow

When there’s desire, the mind’s not far
Armed with the senses, it’s ready to spar
The contest isn’t a momentary thing
But a drawn-out lifelong fling

Every soul seeks to be happy
Few succeed, the methods are sloppy
Dependent on thoughts and objects
Keeping us busy with conflicting aspects

The mind’s version of happiness
Has different flavors of selfishness
When it is tasted, it will show
We can’t see beyond the mind’s plateau

So vast, a lifetime’s lost in one corner
Few have the will to be an explorer
The field we call the mind is touchy
It keeps us imprisoned through money

The path to happiness, according to some
They never stop dreaming, it will come
With an overwhelming supply of wealth
They presume, happiness will gain strength

The path to happiness broadens
When the door to the heart softens
The mind must also play its role
By giving up aspirations of control

Happiness is a bottomless ocean
Even a drop is a powerful potion
It cannot be had through the senses
That variety carries prohibitive expenses

Making us spend more than we earn
Bringing happiness easily, we fail to learn
Refusing its fare when hungry is hard
Desires are powerful in this regard

Happiness is a magic salve
The mind makes us starve
Keeping us hungry and in pursuit
Helps the mind protect it’s growing loot

The heart offers happiness for free
We suspect, there is a hidden fee
Be assured this is not the case
The heart’s energy represents grace

The path of happiness takes us there
The pace quickens, more we share
All the things that hold us back
Represent the mind on the attack

As we walk the path of happiness
Without succumbing to craftiness
Of the mind, it will eventually fade
Happiness will get a major upgrade

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