The power of acceptance.

Getting through life’s difficult phases.

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If there is a magic pill that helps us adapt to all circumstances, it is acceptance.

Good and bad times are like side streets that turn away on either side of a straight main road. Turning away in one direction may take us on a smooth road, while another turn may take us along a bumpy and slow road. Our choices push us one way or another, but sometimes life makes those choices for us. Acceptance is in the middle, and it helps us remain on a long straight road as we progress through the journey of life.

Retroactive acceptance of the past and proactive acceptance of the present and future present their unique set of challenges.

Retroactive acceptance

The past is like a fully grown tree. The present and the future are like seeds just planted and in the process of sprouting. We approach a tree and a seed differently. The former is capable of drawing its nourishment without needing someone to water its roots daily. We cannot see the roots of a fully grown, but we can taste its fruits. It may be sweet or bitter, but we will have to accept the taste. We cannot command the tree to change the flavor of its fruits. Similarly, we will have to accept the past in its raw state. We may sugarcoat memories past, but we cannot hide bitterness that may lie within them.

It may also be hard to erase the past from memory. However, we have in our control our reaction to those memories. A small leaky faucet, given time, can empty a large tank full of water. The conscious mind is a ‘leaky faucet’ through which the past continually drips into our field of awareness. It is unavoidable.

Proactive acceptance

But if we remain watchful as those memories as they come into the conscious mind, along with removing the lens of judgment, hurt, need for vindication, fear, anger, and self-pity, they fall away like harmless little raindrops. To a tiny seed, even one drop of rain serves as life-giving food. Similarly, as those thoughts slip away from our hands, other budding thoughts will reclaim their energy while the contents will evaporate and disappear for good.

The world depends on each individual, and in turn, everyone is dependent on the planet.

Importance of being in a state of acceptance

Acceptance is a lifeline bringing harmony between the inner and outer aspects of our existence. It keeps the mind in check. The mind can be unpredictable, continually seeking whatever is pleasant. Anything that stands in the way, especially adverse life events, creates a disproportionate amount of upheaval. When the foundation of our daily life, the mind, if shaky, makes everything else outside of us seem unstable.

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