Photo: Ahmed Nishaath on Unsplash

The sea, it can be tasted in this drop

Of life, it is more than a temporary prop

Its waters wash our hands

Cleaning the ink of past and future plans

The sea can give, all we’re wishing for

There isn’t need to marshal the mind to war

To commandeer life, which can’t be stored

The mind tries, buts ends with an empty horde

The sea has always been alive

In every wave, life comes in guise

The mind has usurped both eyes

Making us blind to the true, but open to lies

The sea is the closest we get to life’s womb

Through awareness, we enter that infinite room

Where silence whispers, through the drop

The heart opens to an immortal throb

Physician I Poet I Transformational Philosophy - Free awareness and its power to transform. Learn more-

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