The value of being joyful.

Real versus manufactured happiness.

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Joy is like an invisible current that permeates every aspect of life. It has the power to bind us together.

Wealth is a proxy for happiness, and it can transform the external aspects of life and fill gaps in the fabric of joy. However, this type of happiness is limited in scope. Wealth primarily works on thoughts and emotions, uplifting them. However, wealth can lose meaning when there is no contrast, either with past circumstances or with the lives of others. It is also dependent on factors that may be out of our control.

As thoughts that bring happiness disappear from the conscious mind, so do the waves of joy they bring.

The mind is continually trying to hold onto one thought or another in the hopes of garnering lasting happiness. Consequently, it will not allow us to share this limited happiness with the world. We become insecure and begin to seek out more experiences to shore up the stores of joy in the mind.

The conscious mind has limitations.

Memories have their advantages and disadvantages. One of the benefits of happy memories is that they are readily available, like prepackaged, ready to eat food. At any time, we can reach into them and enjoy the happiness they bring. However, our memory is not selective to only happy thoughts. There may store an equal or higher proportion of unhappy thoughts. These undesirable memories may tumble out into the conscious mind as we sift through the memory, looking for happy thoughts.

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