There’s so much potential

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We are here, to flourish
History hence, will cherish
What we accomplish
With the mind, our accomplice

Potential isn’t touched
Habits, tightly clutched
They lead us in circles
Afraid of running into hurdles

Life without troubles
Where only ease bubbles
Blunts any progress
Into the familiar, we regress

Ask any inventor
They gladly surrender
Comfortable nights
Afraid, time won’t suffice

The rest of us, we revel
In comforts, we embezzle
But time has other plans
Our future, it commands

We don’t own anything
Outside, or thoughts within
They are but tools
It’s for us to honor rules

With reckless abandon
Our potential’s abandoned
As time completes its circle
There is no reversal

It’s time, to grow and flourish
The mind, we can refurbish
Thoughts can be purpose built
Such ones will not wilt

Under pressure of time
Capabilities won’t decline
We become a menace
To laziness, in every crevice

In our being, there’s wealth
It can’t be hoarded in stealth
Once we discover, it spills
Outside, through our skills

Everyone has unique talents
Stitching the fragments
We find, what can be achieved
Once potential is retrieved

When the will enters the fray
When all there is, is today
Our potential sees sunlight
Even in the dead of night

Harness this wealth
On it rides, the world’s health
Progress is the barometer
Work as a commoner

Mining the inner depths
Ready to go to any lengths
We please, forces of nature
We’re rewarded, for our labor

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