Can we say we’ve done all we could?

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Photo by Johannes Plenio from Pexels

Today is fast disappearing
Ties, we’re close to severing
What have we achieved?
For all that we’ve received

An unequal exchange
We can easily change
By opening ourselves
To all that the mind repels

Starting with the thought
Lives of others are more fraught
Compassion lessens the impact
Of the mind ready to react

Nothing is really about us
Safely ignore the mind, it will fuss
There’s greatness amid nothing
Our sun, to us it is everything

Toiling endlessly in its own heat
Without it, life here will retreat
Time uses its light as a marker
Marking every arrival and departure

For many, today is almost over
As it ends, what is our composure?
It depends on what we’ve given
Without hesitation or inhibition

Knowledge is the best gift
Like the sun, we must discard thrift
Before today disappears for good
Can we say, we’ve done all we could?

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