It lives alone

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Photo by Sebastian Palomino from Pexels

Truth lives alone
When fear has flown
We find the lair
Behind what we wear

The earnest who strive
Will one day arrive
They return, to speak
Telling us none is weak

Forgetting we are strong
And suffering lifelong
If that’s how we live
There won’t be much to give

The truth will not bend
It is no one’s friend
Impartial to its core
It does not keep score

When guilt has meaning
It can be redeeming
Few are bold enough
Facing it can be rough

Guilt lines the inner corridor
Truth uses it to monitor
If we’re earnest and sincere
Watching, it won’t interfere

We are free to decide
To shelter with truth inside
There’s room for only one
We choose, which to shun

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