What happens when there are no desires?

Understanding the nature of desires

Photo by Ali Ahmed on Unsplash

Between us and reality lie the world of desires. They are of our making and are the last of the mountains left to climb before we see things the way they are.

The moment we become aware of the “I,” desires begin.

Hidden within most of our significant and long-term desires are many smaller ones.

In the state of deep sleep, there are no desires or any experiences. It is an ego-free state.

When a desire is fulfilled, there is a temporary cessation of movement of the mind’s energy — a brief ‘no-mind’ state.

Under the broad category of the desire for pleasure, come all other desires. The desire for happiness is the mountain we aim to conquer.

No one desire can be called the goal of life.

Desires do not disappear by simply wishing them away or suppressing them.

Through the very act of witnessing without identification, mental images, forms, and projections related to our desires are burnt away. Such witnessing may be considered as the proverbial third eye.

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