What soccer can teach us about the mind

Strategies for succeeding in the game of life

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Life is a sport. All have equal opportunity to enjoy the game of life.

The mind broadly defines our lives. The mind can be cumbersome and serious, or light and full of laughter. Laughter opens up the inner world where our real wealth lies. Seriousness closes the door. Being serious about life involves setting rigid goals and matching ambitions. We can compare a goal-driven mind, which is a common occurrence, to the most popular sport on earth, soccer.

Once the mind becomes active at a young age, it does not stop its movement until we draw our last breath.

If we are in charge of the mind’s movements and activities, we can guide it towards productive ends. Imagine playing a game of soccer wherein there are no goalposts, and only the ball is kicked around. When there are no goals to work towards, the conscious mind becomes a meaningless ‘ball of energy.’

Every time we attain a set goal, the mind pauses briefly, and it begins to move again.

The referee represents our awareness. Just as the referee does not interfere with the game that is playing out on the field, but remains watchful and remains neutral, awareness in its pure state is always active and remains unattached. It follows the movement of the mind’s energy, which is kicked around by our likes and dislikes towards their corresponding goals. Awareness does not determine the outcome of the game of the mind. It remains neutral. Just as a referee blows the final whistle signaling the end of the game, when awareness fades as we fall asleep, the game playing out in the mind also halts.

In the larger picture of life, what happens to an individual’s passions, dreams, aspirations, and goals have little bearing.

First, it is an innocent play during early childhood. Then it gets competitive manifesting as peer pressure in young adulthood. The stakes of the game get higher during adult life.

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