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Photo by Bibhukalyan Acharya from Pexels

Thoughts, are like raindrops
They fall on us, nonstop
The mind’s a fertile ground
Many seeds are to be found

Waiting to sprout and grow
Sending roots deep below
Latecomers, the fruits
They influence our pursuits

Raindrops are pure as crystals
When they’re at a distance
High up in the clouds
Away from the thirsty crowds

Thoughts that exemplify purity
Are hidden, and lost in obscurity
Mingling with restless masses
We lose those more placid

There is a continuous shower
As the mind grows into a tower
We’re the generous foundation
Hosting this complex formation

We cannot escape the rain
But we can leave behind the pain
That befalls the self we nurse
It first arrived in fleeting spurts

What’s real, and what’s not?
This truth cannot be bought
Drenched in the thought rain
In ignorance, we remain

One lifetime is enough
To call the mind’s bluff
It is a prolific builder
Of a world we are familiar

Where joy and sorrow rain
Sometimes, we cannot contain
Washed away in excesses
Flooding hidden recesses

Where the keys hide
To the secret inside
Everyone has a treasure
We can’t find, through leisure

With thoughts, we’re floating
All our time, we’re devoting
Towards something more enticing
When will we start rising?

Like a river in energetic spate
Thoughts carry our freight
Some heavy, none precious
They have effaced our freshness

There isn’t anything that’s old
It is an idea that we’re sold
Thoughts preserve their energies
By hosting our old memories

Stepping out of the thought rain
There is much for us to gain
Walking on such dry ground
We disappear into the profound

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