Why does the mind resist change?

Without inner change, there is no lasting transformation

Photo by Amy Hanley on Unsplash

We may change everything on the outside, but unless we change our habit of holding onto thoughts and experiences, there cannot be lasting inner transformation.

Real change comes about when we can be near the mind, and all its complexities yet remain inwardly free.

The nature of consciousness is to be completely free. When it is mind oriented, it is not free. There is an inward push towards freedom, and it comes through the urge to seek happiness.

The first step in inner transformation is the acceptance that all our mental possessions can be discarded.

Positive and negative thoughts do not readily mix, even though they are made of the same mind matter.

The false self appears changeless; the real seat of perception is changeless.

Observing the mind from the real seat of perception does not inflict any harm on the mind. On the other hand, the mind is given considerable freedom.

When the activity of the mind settles, and we continue to remain alert, we find ourselves bathed in deep inner silence. This is the dawn of thoughtless awareness.

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